For most all of us, the problem of smelly feet can from time to time become a miserable and even unbearable problem. There is so much advertising on just this problem alone that when our feet become odorous, the subliminally sub-consciousness thought may be to go out and purchase some of the many foot odor products. But before you start spending, you may first want to try a few of the many natural herbal methods of ridding your foot odor problems.

With not counting any other body areas, there are a quarter-million sweat glands on your feet alone. Just one foot can produce almost up to one liter of sweat, but the sweat is not the culprit that many of us think it to be when it comes to the bad smell. These reoccurring pungent odors are caused by bacteria or fungus problems. One very effective herbal way to almost always rid these bacteria and fungi that may plague our feet is to soak the smell away with freshly mildened boiled tea for 30 minutes a day for 7 days straight. This is a proven method to dry out your feet for longer periods of time to fight off the bacteria and fungi growth.

Along with the tea soakings, the internal intake of Zinc is a proven linkage for reducing smelly foot odors. Zinc is a necessity of good health for several reasons, but reducing or even eliminating rowinely stinky feet is one of them. We now know that what is consumed internally food wise is very importantly linked to our external well being too, and Zinc by food intake along with a Zinc supplement will make a stronger difference for a positive overall health effect in us all.

When we shower, it is important to wash our feet thoroughly with a wash cloth and soap. There are several inexpensive herbal body washing soaps out there to choose from and taking the time to appropriately clean your feet daily is vital to better smelling feet. After scrubbing your feet with a natural antibacterial soap, make sure to towel dry them well before your socks or shoes are put on for the day.

After doing all that is needed for removing your bad foot odor , make sure to only wear 100% cotton socks for one of the best antibacterial preventive measures. For extra precautionary methods, by adding baking soda to the insides of your shoes, you will keep your feet refreshed and smell free through out the day.


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