You know what they say about girl’s with big feet, nothing literally nothing at all because no good comes with having feet the same size as men’s. Not being able to find pretty shoes in your size because your feet are too big can be really annoying. You go to a store hoping they’ll have your size, but hey, they don’t and that can be a crashing disappointment every single time. If only these stores know that when you shop,the world gets better.

You can never borrow shoes from your friends because you don’t have same size as they do, and that can be really frustrating.  The struggle for women who happen to have bigger feet seem to be endless. The most annoying problem is simply not finding a pair of shoes or better yet a pair of pretty shoes not in your size. Even when you shop online, bigger size are considered “special sizes” ugh!

To find affordable, trendy styles is a huge struggle for women who wear extended sizes. So if you don’t know what your size is, you can have your feet measured. It doesn’t take so much energy to do that. Finding the perfect shoe is hard. Big feet have many various personalities and just because your feet are bigger, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wider. When you find a shoe, they’re usually true to size, which means no matter the style they’ll fit the same way across the board, and even though you might find yourself spending a pretty penny on them, you know they were made well and therefore will last you many, many wears.

So don’t bum out about the selection available to you. You never know when you’ll get another. If you search specifically for wide-fit shoes online, there are hundreds of shops globally that offer wide/extra-wide selections. Alternatively, you can get your shoes made to measure and totally customized which is more fun that you would have had just wandering aimlessly around.

It’s no secret that women adore shoes and so love to have a space for it. Because you’ve got big feet shouldn’t make you feel doomed. You might have a foot that is bigger than the others, and still have a closet filled with stylish, classic shoes.


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