For most people who grew up in Nigeria, we don’t do so much for our feet like they do for us. We run, walk, jump, dance, work, play on our feet, we cram our feet into tight shoes, pound on them all day but rarely pay attention to them until they hurt or give us serious trouble. As a result of this, 7 to 10 people at some points in their lives will encounter foot problems, many of which can be prevented.

Some foot problems can alter the foot’s structure and trigger pain elsewhere in the body as the foot bone is connected to the leg bone.  Experts say that one of the major reasons to treat foot problems early is to prevent them from throwing the knees, hips, back and shoulders out of the whack. They have also suggested yoga has one of the best ways to take care of ones feet. A holistic podiatrist Robert Cornfield recommended that all his patients take yoga sessions. He further stated that when you treat foot problems with yoga, you end up treating hip pain, back pain and all kinds of structural problems. Yoga also stretches out the muscles, lead to greater range of motion and also help the root issue of inflammation.


Yoga gives feet a healthy workout that they rarely get any other way. It is one of the best set of tools to reawaken the feet. Some of the yoga poses for a healthy feet are down dog foot pedal, revolved single-leg forward, fold variation, bound angle pose with foot massage, supported bridge variation, reclined hero’s pose, reclined cow face pose, heron pose and legs up the wall. Regardless of the pose you do, yoga gives you an ample opportunity to focus on your foot.

Bring your attention to your feet today. The first place you can begin building awareness of your feet is with Sandra Olu, a yoga instructor and cofounder of Breathe Yoga Studio at the confident feet exhibition. It will hold on the 21st of September 2018 at no12 Anifowoshe, off Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Bijoux mall, Lagos, Nigeria. Register below to attend. Registration is free.

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