1. Perfect fit: Obviously everyone knows to get their perfect fit or not buy shoes that are too small but some people seem to forget, also buying shoes that are too big can not only make your feet uncomfortable it can be dangerous, if you buy a shoe that are too big and your legs are slipping out of it, you could fall or roll and sprain your ankles and you could really injure yourself so make sure you get the proper fit for your shoes.
  2. Short toe nails: Cut your toe nails as short as possible, this will help free up some space and you can have more room, that little quarter of a inch really does make a difference
  3. Stretches: Have you ever seen ladies walking around in heels and are obviously not used to walking in heels, their knees would be bent while they’re standing, its because their ankle isn’t adequately stretched. Its really important to stretch your legs out completely so your legs are straight when you’re wearing your high heels and also it will take less of a toll on your muscles since you use your muscles to walk in heels and if your knees aren’t completely straight then you’re going to be using different ones and you’ll get sore easily. To really stretch your ankle, you should have your toe, ankle and knee all together in one line, while you’re sitting, obviously it’s a process and not going to happen overnight, you do have to work at it, practice really does help.
  4. Stretch out your shoes: There are different ways to do this but this method is super easy and effective, take an ankle sock ( not too thick) and wear it, remember that you are not trying to stretch out the heel of your shoe, its important that the heel stay in place because you don’t want to be slipping out of them, so they have to be tight but you do wanna stretch out the toe box of the shoe. So double the ankle sock over your toes just to stretch out the toe box while leaving the heel area tight. When you first buy a pair of shoes it takes about three good wears to make it form more closely to your foot, so wearing a sock speeds up the process, you can do it at home while you are watching tv, cooking or cleaning but its really good to walk around in them, so when you finally need to wear them out, there will be plenty of space in it for your legs.
  5. Lubricate your foot: You can use a vaseline or a really slippery cream, apply to just your toe and not your heel, concentrate on your big toe and small toe. This prevents blisters and allows your foot to slide around in your shoes. Vaseline is good only for closed shoes and patent leather, not good on suede or open-toe shoes. You can also keep a tube ointment or oil in your purse so when the one you applied before wears out you can just squeeze some more in.

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