Most young ladies with big feet will admit that they at some point in their lives felt awkward about their feet. Regardless of whether it originates from the disappointments of looking for lovely big shoes, insults endured at school, or simply feeling distinctive on the grounds that you were not able to wear the sorts of shoes normal creatures wore.  Huge feet confidence is a point that surfaces over and over not just for us here at PEDISBOX; but also on a large number of online forums where young ladies who rock shoes bigger than ladies size 10, look for answers for their own shoe encounters.

There’s no doubt that many ladies abstain from discussing their feet and when they do, they frequently joke around to avoid getting attention to themselves. But then, could having a huge feet be a fashion taboo? that young ladies with enormous feet, form editors and standard shoe planners alike run around to abstain dealing with the issue directly?


So what can a young lady with big feet do? For me, having a self-esteem that involves having a big foot comes with you growing older, and definitely wiser. As a child, it is normal to be laughed at but then when you start growing and getting used to the fact that you have a big foot, you’ll definitely find it more fun and amazing.

I had a chit-chat with a lady that has the big feet syndrome (Loll) and then we laughed about how having a big feet made her so shy as a little kid, and to crown it all bad the big shoes that were accessible then were so awful that all she ever did was cry whenever it was time to go out on a party with friends in school.   The disadvantage it had was the continuous obsession with shoes she couldn’t own and then the advantage was it gave her the BIGGEST FASHION ESTEEM EVER!

Well, I’ve come across similar stories from the lips of many of our customers that visit us at PEDIBOX. Left to me “I think confidence just takes practice. It helps that when you have a great group of girlfriends who all bond over shoes. They will always there be there to complement one another. So if you have a great support from a certain group of people to help you feel good, that’s always a plus.”


It’s true. They do. Some of the most successful women in the world including icons like Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Audrey Hepburn and even the CEO of Pedibox Mrs. Nkechi all made it with their big feet firmly planted on the ground. Be proud of yourself. You are beautiful just as you are. Let your big beautiful shoes be a reflection of who you are.

You know what they say about girls with big feet?! At last, they’ve finally got figured it out. We all have bags of confidence just below the surface just waiting to be unleashed the minute we start believing in ourselves.



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